Dust Extractor

  • Used for controlling dust generated during tablet compression, tablet dedusting, granulation and other processes
  • Avoids product cross contamination
  • Contact part made of stainless steel
  • Castor or trolley wheels are fitted to give complete maneuverability
  • Design Conforming to cGMP norms
Filtration Area (Sq.ft.) 9
Dust Storage Capacity (Cu.ft.) 3/4
Fan Volume (C.F.M) 150
Total Power (Kw/Hp) 0.75/1.00
Main Electric motor (KW/Hp) 0.75/1.00
Electrics (a) 415V / 3Phase / 50 Hz (b) 480V / 3Phase / 60 Hz (c) 220V / 3Phase / 60 Hz
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 29” x 19” x 32”
Net Weight (Kg) 80
Case Dimension L x W x H (cm) 36” x 30” x 43”
Gross weight (kg) 145


Dust Extractor deals with the lighter process dust problem and is adaptable for special applications, Dust laden air enters the collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust particles are deposited by gravity.

The finer dust passes upwards through a single large orifice and is finally collected by a multiple sleeve fabric filter, the top of which is attached to a highly effective snap action shaking mechanism, operated by a handle on the front of the unit.

On shaking the dust is deposited into a drawer for easy disposal. The fan is directly connected to 1 H.P., 2800 RPM, 50 Hz.electric motor. Cleaned air is handled by the fan which discharges vertically and so prevents draughts.

A discharge duct to atmosphere can easily be fitted while handling noxious dusts.

There is a large door for inspecting the fan and filter.

The units in this series have flat tops at a convenient height which can be used as tool tables.