Roll Compactor

  • Designed for densification and granulation of fine
  • Available in 2 models, CMRC 200/50 & CMRC 200/70
  • Maximum output-100 kg/hour
  • Ideal for batch or continuous processing
  • Versatile, quick and convenient for dry granulation
  • Stainless steel enclosure for clean operation

Technical Specifactions:

Type CMRC 200/50 CMRC 200/70
Roll size (mm) 200 Dia. x 50 Width 200 Dia. x 70 Width
Roll surface* (a) Corrugated (Std.) (b) Smooth (c) Knurled (Additional Option) (d) Briquetted  
Roll rpm (By Step Pulley) 6 to 23  
Feed screw rpm (By Mechanical Speed Variator) 10 to 60  
Output-(kg/hr)** 50 100
Total Power (kW/hp) 4.80/6.50  
Roll drive Electric motor (kW/hp) 3.70/5.00  
Feed screw drive Electric Motor (kW/hp) 1.10/1.50  
Electrics (a) 415V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz (b) 480V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz (c) 220V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz  
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 114 x 130 x 188  
Net weight (kg) 1500  
Case dimensions L x W x H (cm) 137 x 152 x 213  
Gross weight (kg) 1800  

* Selection depending upon Material Characteristics
** Depending upon Material Characteristics and Roll


1. The compacting rolls are designed to provide a uniform force Distributuion to produce granules of equal qu ality.

2. The roll surface is designed to prevent power slipp age.

3. The Slide seal is forced against the roll side so t hat the percentage of uncompacted power that leaks by, is kept extremely low.

4. A scraper is mounted at the bottom of the roll to s crape off power sticking on the roll.

5. The hopper and feed screw are designed to lift up f or easy dismantling and cleaning.

6. To prevent an accident the compacting rolls are des igned to rotate backwards while cleaning

7. For safety purpose, an Emergency stop Button is pro vided on the machine.

8. The feed screw is designed to feed bulky material

9. Due to machine design, a minimum amount of lubricat ion is required

10. Available with Water Jacket Model As optional

11. Plc Control System with Touch Screen Display

12. PLC - Programmable Logic Contro